Human Capital (H Cap) is the skill, knowledge and experience of employees, and those employees makes up the largest asset of any organization. Collectively, these assets create value for individuals, employers and the community.

H Cap Connect assists clients with strategically integrating effective HR programs and best practices into their daily operations. Connecting people, process and business strategy creates a highly engaged workforce which ultimately aides in overall business success.

H Cap connects customized HR solutions to your specific needs.


Human Resources is traditionally defined as the function that focuses on the personnel of an organization including recruitment, management and direction. The core of human resources is everything related to people, such as compensation, hiring, performance, organizational development, career planning, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration and training.

Some refer to human resources as the last stronghold of bureaucracy. Compliance is still a critical piece of HR but it’s only a small part of the value HR can add to any business. Our goal is to build a long-term strategic partnership and keep you compliant at the same time.



We analyze your needs, from salary range to ideal candidate traits, to find the right talent.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive compensation practices help you retain the employees who matter most.

Employee Relations

Services to promote good management practices, workplace behaviors, relationships
and a positive work environment.


We focus on the laws that impact to your organization, then apply policies to meet those requirements.


Training services so that your organization can meet anticipated Human Resource needs.


Human capital is essential to the success of every business. H Cap Connect works with you to determine and meet your organization’s human resource needs. H Cap Connect brings business savvy to the table.

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Rachel Hurst
founder and president
of H Cap Connect